Welcome to the Yarra Drug and Health Forum

A community response to alcohol and other drug issues.

The Yarra Drug & Health Forum (YDHF) is a dynamic, adaptive and educative local network committed to identifying and responding to the health and social needs of the community in Yarra.

The Forum aims to ensure health and community relationships are minimally harmed by drug use in the City of Yarra – this includes the impact of drugs on individuals, families and friends, residents and visitors to the area and local businesses.

Public meetings are held from 12:30 - 2pm on the first Monday of each month and the Forum always welcomes anyone.

In 2018 the Forum will meet at Richmond Town Hall.

Next Forum Meeting 

NEXT MEETING: Monday, 3rd September 2018

VENUE – Richmond Town Hall




Mr Gino Vumbaca

Mr Tony Trimingham

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Guest Speaker: Dr Nico Clark  

Medically Supervised Injecting Room 

August meeting

The first 30 days

Over 85 people attended the recent YDHF August Monthly Meeting where Dr Nico Clark spoke about the first 30 days of the Medically Supervised Injecting Facility. Nico talked about the successes and challenges that have faced the centre.

August meeting

Restorative Yarra 

Stories of Victoria Street

YDHF has been an active partner in the University of Melbourne’s ‘Restorative Yarra’ Project which is investigating a series of social planning processes to better understand and consider options for policy action on the issues impacting Victoria Street Richmond.

YDHF has been collaborating with partners including the Neighbourhood Justice Centre and City of Yarra.

The photo was taken during the ‘Stories of Victoria Street’ activity held on Friday April 27th in The Hive Shopping Centre.

Executive Committee 

  • Peter Wearne – General Manager of Services, Youth Support and Advocacy Service
  • Rachel Hopkins - Principal Solicitor, Fitzroy Legal Service
  • Hieng Lim - Senior Program Manager, Crime Prevention Neighbourhood Justice Centre
  • Kevan Myers - Team Leader/ NEXUS Dual Diagnosis Advisory Service, St Vincent’s Hospital
  • Aram Hosie - Executive Manager Public Affairs - cohealth
  • Sandra Fox - Manager Drug Safety Services, North Richmond Community Health

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