Welcome to the Yarra Drug and Health Forum

A community response to alcohol and other drug issues.

The Yarra Drug & Health Forum (YDHF) is a dynamic, adaptive and educative local network committed to identifying and responding to the health and social needs of the community in Yarra.

The Forum aims to ensure health and community relationships are minimally harmed by drug use in the City of Yarra – this includes the impact of drugs on individuals, families and friends, residents and visitors to the area and local businesses.

Public meetings are held from 12:30 - 2pm on the first Monday of each month and the Forum always welcomes anyone.

The Forum meets at the Neighbourhood Justice Centre.

Executive Committee - Call for Nominations 

The Yarra Drug and Health Forum (YDHF) has been operating in the City of Yarra since 1995 when it was established to provide a means of engaging the community to assist in better understanding the illicit drug issues impacting those that live, work or are connected to Yarra.

The YDHF has since expanded and is widely recognised as a leading advocacy forum that helps shape and influence alcohol and drug policy both at state and federal levels.

The YDHF is administered through the work of the Executive Officer (EO) who reports to an Executive Committee (EC). The EC is made up of representatives from a range of local agencies drawn from the AOD, justice, social, health and welfare sectors.

There are currently 2 vacancies on the EC and we are calling for nominations to fill both.

If you are interested in one of these positions, please send an EOI to the EO greg.denham@cohealth.org.au. Nominations close August 1st.

EC members are asked to attend monthly EC Meetings and also participate in YDHF activities where their time permits.

NEXT MEETING: Monday 7th August 2017


Meeting agenda

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